Day: March 31, 2022

Picture prompt (Save our habitat)

One day I went for a trip with my friends.We went to a place that looked like a desert and we went to a house and it was literally out of nowhere. We were lost,we finally arrived there.I was freaked out at how good The house looked.I also was freaked out at how much animals were around.

I didn’t understand how the house could have been nice but the farm that was together with the house at the back wasn’t pretty at all.Once we went in the house It was like a whole new dream.It was so pretty and shiny.We weren’t expecting for the house to be so nice considering to what it looks like outside.

When we went inside we got changed to go outside and have some fun.We went outside and we set up a water slide for us.We all tokk turns then we played and did tiktok dances.Then the next day we packed up and on the way we saw animals that could talk and said save our habitat we couldn’t do anything so I just took some animals to take back with me and we had a happy time. I felt really happy.The End.