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Book Trailor – One Friday Morning

Have you ever been discriminated against you because of your skin colour race or religion.Imagine if you went to a School in the 19’s And you have moved to America but the country was only full with racism, you were a talented artist who had supporting Teachers that has helped you alot, Let’s say you won a artist comp and you had happy feelings within yourself, As you prepare to get a speech ready for the day to come you suddenly get called to go to the principal’s office and you get there just to see the principle with a disappointed face you think and have a strong feeling that it’s nothing bad…. But suddenly there was a big change! This book is Called One Friday Morning by Langstin Hughes if you want to know more about what happens next Check this book out !!

Koru Art – Home Class

For the last three weeks of school we have been working on a peice of art called koru art, We first started off with a draft paper and then moved onto the big paper with Pencil and drew our outline then after that we outlined with A sharpie ontop of the pencil and then finnally we couloured in with oil pastels and here is my final result:


A time you were suprised – Literacy- wk 3 – 2024

Write about a time you were surprised or shocked. Make sure you write to the best of your ability. Use great descriptive and imaginative vocabulary and make sure you use correct punctuation and spelling.

I cannot wait to read these!

Start your writing here:On Thursday Morning I woke up and just remembered it was the first day of school of 2024, I woke up very early but we had to drop off my sister to her college.We got to school just before the 9am assembly started I sat down with all my friends and we were all happy and hoping we were in the same class I was so happy but nervous at the time knowing that I am going to be in team 5 this year.We waited for a few minutes before our whole school were seated and ready.

After the school had finished Mr Burt talked about how good it is to be back at school and how exciting it is. Me and my friends were really tired because we had woken up early just to come to school.First he let the year 5s go and then let the year eights go and prepare science. They all have been in team 5 last year.After Mr Burt had called out one more class it was our turn to stand up and make our way to team 5 and as we were walking I could just see the goosebumps on my arms and that’s showed me how scared I was because I haven’t been teached in team 5 before.

Once we got to team 5 we sat down and a few year 8 boys and girls did a karakia, Mihi, and a welcome to us year 7’s and the parents you had came with their children.When the year eights had finished their speeches we then got welcomed by all of our teachers and it was so surprising that I saw my old teacher Mrs Langitupu in team 5 and I was so confused because last year she was my teacher in year 6 with team 4.AFter the teachers had welcomed us and the parents Mrs Ilaoa had given us some of their rules which is called Team 5 Kaupapa we went through a lot of notices and then they said it was time to find out our new classes for 2024!!

The first class to be Called out was Room 1 With Mr Moran. I was so scared but also hoping that I was in Mr Moran’s Class but to my surprise I wasn’t in his class. I watched as most of my friends got called in that class. After that It was Mrs Langitupus turn and she Called out four names and then suddenly I hear E-V- E coming out from her mouth and I was so shocked but still shocked that she was even in Team 5 We all First got to know each other and then we got right in to doing our all about me Writing,While I was writing I was still so confused on HOw i ended up in Mrs Langitupus class I was feeling so sad because I had none of my friends at all in my class and that’s what I was most sad about I had noone to talk to because everyone at least had on of their friends sitting with them I felt so so Sad!! that was a time I was shocked (: