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Eve Team 4 Term 3 Rubric Task – ‘Fit for Purpose’

This year our school focus is called Fit for purpose,Our Question for team 4 inquiry is how can we think positive, act positive, and be positive.I have mad 1 animation Showing you a sport of how to be fit for purpose.The Sport that I have picked to animate was running I have animated a Tongan sportswoman to run a “Marathon”.My animation is also dedicated to my Goals for this term.

My animation was very hard to finish but with all the teaches help and my friends I was able to finish this in time, The hardest part of my animation was animation was animating there was a lot of glitches throughout animation her running.The easiest part of my animation was drawing and adding detail to my character and my backdrop.Please leave a positive comment on my blog.

Get Active Mrs Tuia Fit for purpose

This term in Mrs Tuia’s class we will be learning about how to get activ ein the activity she has made for us it askes us a lot of questions all about getting active because our theme this term is “FIT FOR PURPOSE” which teaches us all about getting healthy and being fit.