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Get Active Mrs Tuia Fit for purpose

This term in Mrs Tuia’s class we will be learning about how to get activ ein the activity she has made for us it askes us a lot of questions all about getting active because our theme this term is “FIT FOR PURPOSE” which teaches us all about getting healthy and being fit.


Eve Extension Movie Term 3

Today I have been learning about Archeolegy finds and about reading the things we disover in our own words, the place that I have chosen to discorver is the pyramids of Giza, for the whole of Term 3 I have been working on art and a voice over all about the great pyrimads of Giza.My movie is telling you alot about  ancient facts about the Great pyramids of Giza My project is very interesting but what I found hard about this project was to make my art a bit more realitic so it wold look very detailed and have a lot of different texture to it.the thing that was really easy was being able to get the movie together and got my voice over done really well. I have learned a lot about this and I had a really fun time researching the pyrimads of giza I hope you enjoy.

Term 3 – Art works

Today was the last day of term 3 and we had the best day although we had to do work in the first block it was still fine this term we have been a little mucked up but still got through the term.This term was really fun we go to go to the beach we had fun activities to do we had a lot of cool prizes that Mrs Parrant has gave us and She has been a blessing to us and she got everything organized for every week even thought she had a late schedule.This term I have been a little silly but Next term my goals are……!focusing on getting my work finished and less talking The next one is Being respectful and helping the teachers and the last one is being kind to each-other even thought I still am kind I just need to focus on getting my anger a bit low and my kindness 100% Next term will be very exciting. This term we have been learning about Claude Monet and his famous art works For our art we painted and made with our hands the bridge over the water lilies My big shout outs go to Mrs Parrant,Mrs Ginn,Mrs Sio for making this term end well and planning all those fun things for us in those 10 weeks Thank you and I hope you enjoyed.