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Last week in Creative space I had got asked to Make a video on how to help the little kids to do different types of things that they may not know.Today I have decided to show how to save your work,I have nicely edited this movie just for you or anyone else who wants to find out how to save their work.The easiest part of my movie was being able to edit my movie it was really challenging and easy at the same time,  I had a lot of fun editing and screen recording this Movie but it is now time for you to CHECK IT OUT!!!!!

Animation – Photopia (Choclate Melting)

This term we have been learning about the changing states of matter. Our theme is Changes Matter and we have been looking at solids, liquids and gases.
This term my photopea animation will be about chocolate melting to show how a Solid changes to a Liquid. My animation will show you a block of chocolate melting into a liquid and steam forming.
For my backdrop I have drawn an ordinary kitchen with a lot of detail including a fridge, oven,and windows.
When a liquid changes into a solid the molecules have less movement and become packed closer together. For example when I melt something the molecules move around and when I freeze something the molecules move slower because it is so hard.

Scratch Project

Task description:Today I have finished my scratch project and I had so much fun Today I have worked out how to teleport and make my sprites move I have created a virtual tour of PES and it is up to you to figure out how to learn about PES I had so much fun crerating this scratch project and I hope you do to I think this is a great tour and I hope you think that to I hope you enjoy!