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Eve Team 4 Term 3 Rubric Task – ‘Fit for Purpose’

This year our school focus is called Fit for purpose,Our Question for team 4 inquiry is how can we think positive, act positive, and be positive.I have mad 1 animation Showing you a sport of how to be fit for purpose.The Sport that I have picked to animate was running I have animated a Tongan sportswoman to run a “Marathon”.My animation is also dedicated to my Goals for this term.

My animation was very hard to finish but with all the teaches help and my friends I was able to finish this in time, The hardest part of my animation was animation was animating there was a lot of glitches throughout animation her running.The easiest part of my animation was drawing and adding detail to my character and my backdrop.Please leave a positive comment on my blog.

Scratch Project

Task description:Today I have finished my scratch project and I had so much fun Today I have worked out how to teleport and make my sprites move I have created a virtual tour of PES and it is up to you to figure out how to learn about PES I had so much fun crerating this scratch project and I hope you do to I think this is a great tour and I hope you think that to I hope you enjoy!