Day: June 7, 2023

Climate Change – Responce to text

Climate Change – Response to Texts


Think carefully about each question, and use evidence from the texts to support your conclusions. Write your answers in full sentences, and use explanations and examples where needed.


  1. What are two of the largest sources of climate change? Explain what they are.


Source One:Fossil fuels Fossil fuels represent 3 meanings: Coal,oil,and gas.
Source Two:Electricity  Electricity power generates shares the second largest greenhouse gas emissions.


  1. Explain what impact climate change is having on our environment. Include at least 2 examples.


As global temperatures climb, widespread shifts in weather systems occur, making events like droughts, hurricanes, and floods more intense and unpredictable.


  1. What are greenhouse gases?


Greenhouse gases (also known as GHGs) are gases in the earth’s atmosphere that trap heat. 


  1. How does deforestation contribute to climate change?


Much of the carbon stored by trees is released back into the atmosphere as carbon dioxide, which contributes to climate change.


  1. Why is it important to reduce our carbon footprint?


Reducing your carbon footprint is important because it mitigates the effects of global climate change, improves public health, boosts the global economy, and maintains biodiversity.


  1. Do you think we, as New Zealanders,are doing a good job of slowing down climate change? Provide at least 2 reasons for your answer.
We’re supporting businesses to cut their carbon emissions. We are also helping to reduce their impact in areas like agriculture, forests and water.