Book Trailor – One Friday Morning

Have you ever been discriminated against you because of your skin colour race or religion.Imagine if you went to a School in the 19’s And you have moved to America but the country was only full with racism, you were a talented artist who had supporting Teachers that has helped you alot, Let’s say you won a artist comp and you had happy feelings within yourself, As you prepare to get a speech ready for the day to come you suddenly get called to go to the principal’s office and you get there just to see the principle with a disappointed face you think and have a strong feeling that it’s nothing bad…. But suddenly there was a big change! This book is Called One Friday Morning by Langstin Hughes if you want to know more about what happens next Check this book out !!

One thought on “Book Trailor – One Friday Morning

  1. Hi Eve,
    Well done on creating this book trailer. You spoke with confidence and clarity. I also liked the way you started with a question. This engages your audience. I’m certain others will want to read this book having watched your trailer.

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