One day my dad was taking us to schooland on a boat we had to stop becuase a bit of the boat fell off.So then my dad split us up in to twos and we all went to find wood and other supplies for the boat.15 minutes later we all found sticks,bricks,mud,an dlong peices of wood,and my dad was suprised so we all started to make a bigger boat so that my dad could fit on.


Once my dad got on we had to get off again because we needed something to push the boat,then we got back on the boat and we were singing traditonal songs on the way.Then we finally got to school and I explained to the teacher what happended and she changed plans and was teaching about survival and how to live without electronics.


Once we got home we got home by the teacher.My dad was asking  how was school and we said the teacher was teaching us all about survival and how people survive through camp and stuff.Then we finally went to sleep that was the story.THE END       

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