Year: 2023

200 Word Challenge

200 Word Challenge – Descriptive Language


Look at the picture below carefully and complete the table.

Check on the next page for Step 2.


Who is in the photo? A man climbing.
What is happening in the photo? There is a man climbing on a cliff,and a photographer being a photographer.
Where was the photo taken? The photo was taken at a mountain or a cliff.
What makes this exciting? That they are actually on a cliff.
How do you think the characters feel? Climber: Scared or nervous. Photographer: Happy excited.


Write a 200 Word recount as either the CLIMBER or the PHOTOGRAPHER.


Remember; your challenge is to use DESCRIPTIVE Language to SHOW, not TELL your audience what is happening.


Begin your writing here: As you see in the photo above there is a man climbing on a mountain and lets just pretend that it is me and it is a girl.I woke up last week and I got a email It was from a famous photographer, Mr gordon,He asked me if I wanted to be apart of a photoshoot,So I told my mom and I showed her the email,I asked her if she could take me to the cafe where mr gordon asked me to meet up with him.So I got ready and hoped in the car, and as my mom drove me I was thinking whether this would make me famous or not.When we got there I asked mom if she could say because I wanted her to watch take photos.Mr gordon greeted me and mom and then he told us we weren’t doing the photoshoot here we were doing it at the mountain,and Mom looked at me because she knew that I am afraid of heights but I also didn’t want to tell Gordan because if I told him I would have probably been cut and he would’ve emailed someone else to do the photoshoot so I just acted like I wasn’t scared at all.Then he asked me if I was okay doing this.


200 Word challenge

200 Word Challenge


The 200 Word Challenge is an opportunity to practise writing using just the right words. 200 Words might sound like a lot, but once you get going you’ll find yourself crossing that line easily, so be careful to only say what you NEED to. 

(This whole thing is over 100 words already)


For Week One your challenge is to write a 200 word recount of a time you…


Tasted the best food you’ve ever tasted.


Remember! This week we have been learning about chronological order. Make sure you get the sequence of events in the right order.


Begin your writing here:The best that I have ever tasted was tongan food,I have three favourites but I first want to tell you my first one.My first favourite Food is Loi Horsii in english it is horse.Loi horsii is horse mixed with salat and some coconut cream,It is very very delicious and has a lot of flavour even for a 3 ingredient plate.Whenever I eat Loi Horsii My papa always says that I will give me horsepower and that I will be strong but he is obviously joking.My next favourite food is called ota and in english it is “Raw fish”,Raw fish is a dish that includes fish,spring onion,sometimes mussels, tomatoes,and lastly Coconut milk.Raw fish is has a very strong taste and it is a very popular dish.When it comes to my family we have to add in mussels but the main ingredient is the raw fish it just brings a lot of flavour to the dish and it has a lot of seasoning.Lastly my favourite dish is called Otai,And in english it is a fruit drink that is most drinked in the summer but is still also made for special occasions.The drink is mades of fruits like orange,pineapple,mango,and also apple.Otai is made with fruits and also coconut milk and as you can see most of the tongan dishes are mostly made of coconut milk or coconut cream.Otai is a nice kind of drink but also mixed with coconut and bits of fruit.Otai can also be known as a dessert but mostly a drink and type of food.And that is all of my favourite food please leave a positive comment on my blog.


Recount writing

This sunny Morning It was our first day of term 4 , We have assembly every first day of each ter.Once we got into the hall we went and sat down into our usual spots.Then we started assembly and ellijah did the the karakia and then lynette did the mihi.After tat we had a littl talk abut climate change and lieakage with Mrs Noa ,