Year: 2023

Checklist Blog post

Task Description:This Terms Extension was a bit weird we have been working on our manaiakalani Movie instead of having a different task we have been doing a loft of jobs throught the term and we have been given a checklist for everyone to see if wether we have finishedeverything or not ,We have each been working on our own page dedicated to what movie role we got given.Our last job for everyone was to mae sure everything was finished and ticked off before we got into doing the blog posts.Thanks for reading my blog post.




Eve Team 4 Term 3 Rubric Task – ‘Fit for Purpose’

This year our school focus is called Fit for purpose,Our Question for team 4 inquiry is how can we think positive, act positive, and be positive.I have mad 1 animation Showing you a sport of how to be fit for purpose.The Sport that I have picked to animate was running I have animated a Tongan sportswoman to run a “Marathon”.My animation is also dedicated to my Goals for this term.

My animation was very hard to finish but with all the teaches help and my friends I was able to finish this in time, The hardest part of my animation was animation was animating there was a lot of glitches throughout animation her running.The easiest part of my animation was drawing and adding detail to my character and my backdrop.Please leave a positive comment on my blog.

Storyboarding Blog post

Task Desciption:This Term y5&6 Extension Ha sbeen Working on our manaiakalani Film festival Movie for 2023.I got given narrator and prt of the storyboarding team.I was partnerd up With Hunter,Levi,And Sofia we all worked together as a team to create a storyboard for the beginning and the end The begginging of the story was very easy but the end was really hard because me and hunter and different ideas for the ending , levi wanted hunters idea while sofia wanted my idea.In the end we did a vote with the rest of the extension and turns out my idea won. While we were figuring out the storyboarding for the beginning and the end The rest of the extension were creating a storyboard for the middle of the story they all got into groups and created different lines of different storyboards for our final storyboard, as we finished we got together to check out our whole storboard and then we went ahead and started recording.


Extension Movie Making (Movie Roles)

Task Description:This term Y5&6 Extension has been working on our Manaiakalani Film Festival Movie And This blog post will be all about telling you what Movie roles I have been given throughout the Movie.My first job was being narrator I was partenered up with Hunter,we worked together to get our script withing three minutes and it as very hard but luckily we had eachother so we could help one another.My next job was gettting together a storyboard four our movie I did this with hunter,Levi and sofia Me and hunter did a lot of talking but I realised that levi and sofia weren’t joining un much so I invited them to feel confident and give their ideas and suprisingly they gave it a bit of a go.Another job that I got to do was being a acter for the beggining and Ending it was really fun being on camera and especcialy as a Narrator.I had a lot of fun,Thank you for reading